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Dumpster Rental in Tampa

Dumpsters are essential when it comes to getting rid of waste debris. It is the most cost effective and efficient way to get rid of several types of waste. 

  • Dumpsters can be used for the following types of waste:
  • Construction / Remodel (interior & exterior remodel, roofing, flooring, etc)
  • Business Cleanouts
  • Residential / Tenant Cleanouts (home clean ups, tenant evictions, etc)
  • Land clearing / Tree waste / Yard clean up
  • Concrete / Dirt / Gravel / Asphalt


Dumpsters in Tampa can vary in different shapes and sizes but ultimately all serve the same purpose, to get rid of trash. It is important to choose the correct size dumpster for your project, choosing too small of one may result in overloading it or simply just not enough dumpster space. The price difference from one dumpster size to the next is usually not much more so usually it is always better to get something a little bigger than anticipated. When renting a dumpster, discuss with your dumpster rental expert your needs and their recommendations.


Things to be aware of with your Tampa dumpster rental:

  • Prohibited Items – Make sure you do not put anything prohibited inside the dumpster, this will result in fines and extra charges per item not allowed. These are things like liquid chemicals, TV’s, tires, appliances, etc.


  • Dumpster Parking – It is important you calculate dumpster space before ordering a dumpster. Make sure the driveway or designated parking area is big enough to fit a dumpster. Check for low hanging power/telephone wires. If parking on a yard or dirt area, inspect the area for water lines, irrigation lines, and septic tanks that are not visible to the truck driver and point them out upon delivery. If not parking on concrete, gravel, or asphalt make sure the grounds a firm enough for a dumpster. 
  • Ground Protection – If you are concerned with damages to your property from the dumpster it is highly recommended to cover the dumpster ground parking area with pieces of wood. Although it is rare for damage to occur things do happen and parking on wood does help avoid damage. There are multiple factors that contribute to damages to the ground like cracking, scratching, or gouging the parking surface. Things like thickness of the concrete/asphalt and pre-existing cracks.
  • Dumpster Fees – Temporary dumpsters mean you are given an allotted time that you can keep the dumpster. If you are wanting to make sure you stick to a low budget and avoid extra time charges, then make sure you plan accordingly and fill your dumpster within that time frame. How heavy you load the dumpster will also be a huge determining factor on your final bill. Trash is taken to waste facilities where they weigh your waste debris and you are billed based on how heavy your load is. Generally, house clean ups in Tampa are significantly lighter than a construction remodel project because the materials being thrown away do not weigh as much. 

Dumpster sizes for Tampa: 

Dumpster dimensions may vary in size but always true in volume. All Dumpsters offer an 8Ft wide access door for easy loading. Remember to choose the correct size dumpster to prevent overloading!

  • 10 Yard Dumpster – 10 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 3.5 FT Tall


Best for small clean ups, bath remodel, flooring projects, heavy debris like concrete, gravel, dirt, asphalt, and roofing debris.


  • 15 Yard Dumpster – 14 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 3.5 FT Tall


Best for small to medium size remodels, roofing, yard clean ups, home clean ups and more. This size usually fits perfectly in parking lot parking spots and smaller driveways.


  • 20 Yard Dumpster – 22 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 3.5 FT Tall

The most common sized ordered dumpster Tampa, not too small and not too big. Good for larger projects and the low 3.5 ft sides make for easy loading. Great for roofing projects, remodels and clean ups.

  • 30 Yard Dumpster – 22 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 5.5 FT Tall

This dumpster has tall sides making it great for home clean outs with large bulky items like furniture, beds, boxes, etc. It is also great for large scale remodel, demolitions, and tree waste projects. Easily cut down a tree and fit all the branches, stumps, and leaves inside.

  • 40 Yard Dumpster – 22 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 7.5 FT Tall

This massive dumpster is best for extra large projects where volume is most important. Bigger is better usually and this size usually gets the job done on the first time. If you are getting rid of big and bulky items then this is your best choice because the tall sides easily hold all of your trash and the dumpster door in the back makes for easy loading.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can dumpsters be used for construction projects?

    Dumpster can be used for construction / Remodel (interior & exterior remodel, roofing, flooring, etc)

  • Can I use a dumpster for a business refresh?

    Dumpsters can be used for business cleanouts and seasonal refreshes.

  • How does residential dumpster rental work?

    You can use dumpster rentals for tenant cleanouts (home clean ups, tenant evictions, etc), remodeling and more.

  • Can I use a dumpster for land clearing?

    Dumpsters can be used for Land clearing / tree waste / yard clean up and more.

More about Tampa

Tampa is a  major business center, it’s known for its museums and other cultural offerings. Tampa Bay sits, along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Ybor City is a historic neighborhood, developed by Cuban and Spanish cigar-factory workers at the turn of the 20th century. It is a dining and nightlife destination with many great restaurants and bars. 

The Bricks is a popular brunch spot where you get some good food, coffee and great drinks. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal-viewing areas.

Cracker Country, a rural Florida living history museum was established so future generations might better understand and appreciate Florida's rural heritage. We know tampa and for all your Dumpster Rental needs home on call is here to help. Just fill out the form to get started right away.

Tampa is also a great place to live, work and raise a family. With a population of over 300,000 residents there is a lot of economic activity and has highly rated public schools. Mabry elementary school gets a rating of 10 out 10 according greatschools.org.

No matter your reason to be in Tampa wether for vacation, work or all it has to offer a family the Tampa bay area is a great place to be. There is even a happiness guy that has hammered over 80 signs of positivity all around the city. So whether you own home, business or just need some help around your apartment, Home on Call has the pros get your Dumpster Rental done.

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