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Construction and Renovation Debris Removal in St Pete Beach

Debris and dirt are part of every demolition, remodeling, or construction, project. Trust Home On Call Junk Removal professionals to get you an honest removal service or estimate for your left over debris. We are the St Pete Beach area preffered service of friendly professionals ready to be at your doorstep quickly to remove all your renovation debris and leave your project ready for the next phase. 

Kind of construction debris we take

We remove all kinds of construction debris. We do masonry removal including bricks, concrete and dirt. We also do lumber diposal, plaster and sheet rock demolition debris as well as broken tiles from flooring or wall projects. If you old vanities, sinks and tubs we take those and dispose of them as well. All the items we collect get sent to a Material Recovery Facility where posible in order to recycle and reduce the loads going to a landfill. 

St Pete Beach kitchen renovation garbage removal

A kitchen renovation can add an extra dimension of comfort and value to your home. However dealing with the trash from these projects can create a head ache for you and even the contractor working on the project. It can be difficult to move fast and get the kitchen reno done when you have trash tossed around the construction area. Its even worse when the project is done and you have to suffer with a pile of construction debris that might be stagant and waiting to get picked up form your yard or other room in the house. The easiest solution is to remove the garbage as the work is being perfomed to keep your house tidy and the kithchen remodelling project running smooothly. 

Bathroom remodeling waste removal in St Pete Beach

Bathroom remodels are especially difficult when dealing with trash from the contruciton project. Bathrooms usually have some of the heaviest items in an entire construction project. From tile and cement board, to cast iron tub removal it can be hard work getting rid of the waste generated by a bathroom remodel. Our trusted construction debris removal professionals have handled it all and we can make quick work of even the toughest bathroom jobs letting you get back to peace of mind. 

Other construction debris removal services we offer

We remove the following other construction related items: 

  • Cast Iron Tub Removal
  • Sink Removal
  • Kitchen Cabinet Removal
  • Roofing Shingle Disposal
  • Siding and exterior renovation debris removal
  • Old electrical wire recycling
  • Boiler and Hot Water Heater Removal and Reycling
  • Toilet Removal
  • Disposal of old doors and trim
  • Baseboard heater removal
  • Cast iron radiator removal and recycling
  • and much more....

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 📅 How do I schedule an appointment?

    Scheduling an appointment is as easy filling out our online form and telling us the time line for your removal project. We work hard to ensure that we schedule the appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

  • 💰How much does junk removal cost?

    We offer free estimates and upfront pricing for all junk and garbage removal cost. Most companies have minimum fee usually starting at around 100 dollars and then price increases based on the amount of garbage that is loaded into a truck. A full truck 15 cubic yard truck can range from $400 to $900 depending location and type of garbage.

  • 🗑What is trash or junk removal?

    Trash or junk removal is the process of removing unwanted items from home or place or business. Usually due to new occupants or owners of space no longer needing those items. People also choose to declutter around spring time to make more room in their homes.

  • ♻️How do I start a junk removal business?

    Starting a junk removal can be a lot of hard work. The most important things that you need are a reliable work truck, to be registered with your town and state and to have access to customers needing your services. We can help with these.

More about St Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a Florida resort city set on a barrier island, west of St. Petersburg. It’s known for its beaches. The Pass-A-Grille area offers the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum which displays postcards and other artifacts in a 1917 church.

There are also many shops and close by, boats depart to a nesting site for seabirds and turtles called Shell Key. We know St.Beach if you are looking for Construction renovation debris cleanup and removal near the St. Pete Beach area Home on Call has you covered.


St. Pete Beach offers miles of pristine white sandy beaches with year round sunshine. The weather is famous for luring visitors from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. With year-round sun and many outside activity offerings it is no wonder its a popular winter residence for people living in other parts of the country, Canada and Europe. So if you are vacationing, owne a business or just just need some help around the house with Construction renovation debris cleanup and removal Home On Call is at your disposal.


St. Pete Beach also offers many culinary treats for you to find around including Fresh Factory, with an offering of fresh and healthy ingredients. Our   favorites for sea food include Crabby Bills with some of the freshest most delicious Shrimp in the shell you can find in the area.

Spinners rooftop is a great destination if you are looking for a great view of the area as you enjoy their delicious sea food trio which includes Gulf shrimp, Asian scallops and smoked fish. So eat enjoy the sun and fill out the form to get started with Home On Call today.

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